07 April, 2012


Hi there,

My name is Alexandra. I live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and our two kids.
I already have a food blog in Hungarian but there are more and more people asking for my recipes in English.
Well, I have been afraid to post them in English as I don't feel confident about my grammar but hey, I might be improving!
One thing is sure: there will be a pressure on my husband to check my drafts... ;)

So, who am I?
I follow the Paleo diet, thus my recipes are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. And as I am the one who cooks at home, my family is on Paleo as well. 

How did it start?
My son was 3 month old when we learnt that he had milk protein allergy despite of being breastfed only. As milk protein can go through the breast milk, I had to eliminate all dairy products from my diet and guess what, lost so much weight that I  became slimmer and healthier than I had been before my pregnancy :)
I was already reading about the Paleo diet so step by step stopped eating bread, pasta and other stuff. It wasn't too hard (okay, pasta was always a quick and convenient choice) as due to the beautiful Sydney's climate my diet already included lots of vegetables, fruits, salad, fish and meat. 

However, I was addicted to sugar. You didn't see on my figure but I ate lots of desserts. Maybe it's just a Hungarian habit (we really eat lots of sweet things) but I didn't want this to happen to my children.  
I want them to be used to eating healthy meals, to have beautiful and perfect teeth, good general health and bright minds. 

My daughter was already born as a paleo baby. She's now 14-month-old, my son is 3 years old. 
They are very, very rarely sick, full of energy and have good eating habits. They love fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and eat everything that we do. 
They get home made cakes, chocolates and desserts but not every day and the main thing is they are not addicted. 
So far so good and I want to keep on going this way.

Although you might find more desserts on my blog then other meals, it's only because they are more challenging. There are always birthdays and feasts and we celebrate them just like anybody else. 
The difference is that everyone has a healthier choice and that's what I want to show.

Follow me and I hope you'll enjoy my recipes :)



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